To Ride a White Horse | Schnee im August

Based on the novel 'Kleine Monde, Wolf' ('Moons, Wolves') by Anna Rheinsberg, this crazy crime story tells the story of two men, and two women.




Somewhere during a hot summer. Leo, a seventeen-year-old girl, lives in a lonesome house, together with her step-sister Katherine. Leo loves Katherine. Katherine, a redhead almost thirty, is crazy about the bean-king living in the back of the house. Micki drives a big, black car and he wants to make another big deal and then leave. Frank is king of the underworld. Some day, Micki appears at the house where Leo and Katherine live. Leo falls in love with Micki, but Micki can't decide for Leo nor for Katherine. Then Micky tries to make the big deal with Frank. Frank kills Micki. Leo takes revenge and kills Frank.