This building on the outskirts of Berlin has a long history. In 1908, it started as the Imperial Health Office. During the Nazi era, it became the "Rassenhygienische und Bevölkerungsbiologische Forschungsstelle" (Research Centre for Racial Hygiene and Population Biology). At this institute, anthropological research was carried out to prove the inferiority of Sinti and Roma. This research became the basis for mass forced sterilisations and finally the mass murder of Sinti and Roma throughout the Reich. Today, a new extension is to be added to the main building. The film guides us through the main building, a 'sleeping beauty'; commissioned by BBR.

Ein Gebäude in einem Randbezirk Berlins mit langer Geschichte, eröffnet als kaiserliches Gesundheitsamt. Während der NS-Zeit war hier die "Rassenhygienische und Bevölkerungsbiologische Forschungsstelle" untergebracht. An diesem Institut wurden anthropologische Forschungen durchgeführt, um die Minderwertigkeit von Sinti und Roma zu belegen. Diese Forschungen wurden zur Grundlage für massenhafte Zwangssterilisierungen und schließlich die Ermordung dieser Bevölkerungsgruppe. Nach wechselvoller Geschichte soll nun ein neuer Anbau an das große Hauptgebäude erfolgen. Der Film führt durch das Hauptgebäude, einer 'schlafenden Schönheit'. Im Auftrag des BBR.


code/space by ter Hell

Exhibition "Code/Space" @ art space F200 Berlin (Friedrichstr. 200)      10 Oct–18 Nov 2021.

In this large exhibition, ter Hell has correlated a choice of his paintings on "binary events" to works of analogous romanticism.


[visuals by paroli-film]


Educational material & distribution: Arbeit macht das Leben süß, Faulheit stärkt die Glieder [Work makes life sweet, laziness strengthens the limbs]

Our society is aging rapidly, and the topic of aging in dignity is becoming increasingly important. Which alternatives are there to the currently much discussed care model in Germany? How and under what circumstances do we want to age? The feature-length documentary "Work makes life sweet, laziness strengthens the limbs" by Claudia Funk shows in an exciting and humorous way how in Romanian Transylvania answers to these questions are found with a completely different model of living together. This alternative model of a shared life in old age is the focus of the film.

Unsere heutige Gesellschaft altert rasch, das Thema “Altern in Würde“ wird immer wichtiger. Welche Alternativen gibt es zum in Deutschland aktuell viel diskutierten Pflegemodell? Wie und unter welchen Umständen wollen wir selbst altern? Der abendfüllende Dokumentarfilm “Arbeit macht das Leben süß, Faulheit stärkt die Glieder” von Claudia Funk zeigt auf spannende und humorvolle Weise, wie im rumänischen Siebenbürgen auf diese Fragen mit einem ganz anderen Modell des Zusammenlebens Antworten gefunden werden. Dieses alternative Modell eines gemeinsamen Lebens im Alter steht im Mittelpunkt des Films.


Target group coordination: Köpek | Julia | Working man's death | Schnupfen im Kopf (gmfilms)

Target group coordination | production of educational material and training videos to be used in schools, seminars, presentations (commissioned by gmfilms).

KÖPEK (turkish: dog): A day in the city of Istanbul. Cemo, a ten-year-old Kleenex salesman; Hayat, a wife being terrorized by her husband; and Ebru, a transsexual prostitute - they all try to put the dream of great love into action. A story about longing, love, fate, injustice and violence.


Target group coordination | educational material: BARBARA

Educational material based on the acclaimed feature film directed by Christian Petzold, including tasks and videos, for use in schools. Commissioned by good!movies.

Summer 1980, GDR. Barbara is a doctor. She has made the exit application. She is transferred from the capital to a small hospital deep in the province. Joerg, her lover from the West, prepares her escape.


Target group coordination | educational material: LORE

Educational material based on the acclaimed feature film, directed by Cate Shortland, including tasks and videos, for use in schools. Commissioned by good!movies.

In southwestern Germany, during the immediate aftermath of World War II, five destitute siblings must travel 900 km to their grandmother's home in Husum Bay near Hamburg after their high-level Nazi parents disappear in the face of certain arrest by Allied Forces. Along the way, they encounter a variety of other Germans, some of whom are helpful while others are antagonistic. Eventually they meet up with a young man who has been pretending to be Thomas, a young Jewish concentration camp survivor, who joins their group and becomes their unofficial guardian.


Target group & tour coordination: Daughters without fathers | Sons without fathers

documentaries, directed by Andreas Fischer

During and after World War II, about a third of all German children grew up without a father. The consequences of such childhood were not perceived for a long time, or they were taboo. These children are now in their retirement age, and many of them are now dealing with their fate for the first time. What makes fatherlessness with a human being?


Producer: Alphonse Mucha - Visionary in Art Nouveau | Alphonse Mucha - Visionär im Jugendstil

directed by Susanna Boehm | production company: maxim film

This documentary (2x23 min) tells the story of the versatile Czech painter and graphic artist Alphonse Mucha from his giant success in the Parisian Jugendstil to his unknown main work "The Slavic Epic".


Author: Papa Lion and his Happy Kids | Papa Löwe und seine glücklichen Kinder

produced by Papa Lion films | animation | 40 x 1 min | story lines & dialogue

Papa and Mama Lion and their seven children live a bit different than the others. Mama Lion leaves early in the morning and goes to the office. Papa Lion stays at home and takes care of the children. And they should be happy. How it works? Well, everyone can do what he likes: one wants to fly with a rocket through the universe, the other is captain in the ocean, another is eating as many noodles as he likes, and little Lisa just wants to be alone to enjoy the revolution.


Unit Production Manager: Back to The Secret Garden

directed by Michael Tuchner

Sequel inspired by the classic children's tale, The Secret Garden. The film leads us into a magical world of hope and friendship on a grand adventure for the entire family.